electronic attitude

Me: I need to jazz up my emojis. Smileys are so last year.

🎃 how about me?

👻 you’re a little past your expiration aren’t you?

🎃 oh like you’re so timely.

👻 hey I’m year round man. Know why? Cause I don’t turn to mush!

💀 thought I smelled something…

🎃 well it’s not me. I smell like fall and Starbucks.

👻 and rotten veggie.

🎃 oh really? Hey lets go to the store and you can point out the beer that tastes like dirty sheet!

💩 there’s a beer that tastes like me?!?

💀👻🎃 SHEET!!

💀 man that guy is so deaf.

🎃👻 no kidding.