Benign facts such as age, marital status, location, etc.

History of life until now.

Bad puns.

Ten Things About Me:

  1. I won the award for most eggs found at this year’s family egg hunt. That may not seem like a big deal, but we had two participants under the age of 21 this time, and they can move quickly.
  2. National Novel Writer’s Month winner for the past six years.
  3. I know craft stores so well I’ve actually been confused for someone who works there.
  4. I have a hard time doing nothing. This means cross stitching while watching TV and a book of word search puzzles in my purse.
  5. I am that person who brings a book into a restaurant and settles in for a leisurely lunch.
  6. XBox? Facebook apps? Hidden object and time management games from Big Fish? Love them all.
  7. When I don’t have to be up, afternoon is my morning.
  8. I have a case of Coke and a soda maker at home. I’m still going to hit the drive-thru for a fountain drink.
  9. The local librarians know me. No, I don’t work there.
  10. Windows down + radio up + picnic lunch + no idea where I’m going = weekend afternoon

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