Five steps to eating nirvana…


1. Start thinking about guacamole.
2. Plan vacation route around guacamole.
3. Discuss guacamole until friends start ignoring your calls.
4. Get angry at the traffic that is keeping you from guacamole.
5. Consider a third round of guacamole.


I ate it and survived!

Yes I ate it.

Yes I am still alive.

Yes I am running around like crazy because I have a million things to do before tomorrow.

Wait… You didn’t ask about that.

Anyway, I did eat the mighty Vegemite, and a blog post is coming soon. I promise.

10 Signs You’re a Restaurant Regular

  1. The server brings you iced tea right when you sit down. No matter which server it is.
  2. You get a little panicked when they take you to ‘a different table.’
  3. They recognize you at the grocery store…
  4. … And check to see what food you actually buy for your house.
  5. You take a picture of your plate, then realize you already have one of the same dish.
  6. You know the name of the owner…
  7. … And he shakes your hand when he seats you.
  8. They’ve stopped bringing over the oil and vinegar, because they know you never use it.
  9. Your server’s recommended desserts list? The ones she knows you’ve tried.
  10. Your friends are coming for dinner on Saturday, and on Thursday morning you’re wondering if three visits in a week is too much.

Mt. Foodmore: Gummies!

Remember when I said I was going to try snack foods from other places? Well, last night I decided it was finally time to start tackling Mt. Foodmore, which is currently taking over an alarming amount of my dining room table. I thought I’d start with something simple… gummies!


On the left we have lychee… tasty, but I question the package’s claim that the candy matches the flavor and texture of the fruit. I’ve seen people eat lychees on TV, I’ve never seen them bounce one. One the right is yuzu, a type of citrus that makes a DELICIOUS gummy. Like, pile of wrappers good. Tastes like a tangerine to me.


Left is ramune, based on a popular Japanese lemon-lime soda. They put something in it to make it taste ‘carbonated,’ but it ends up being just artificial. Not a fan. Right side, strawberry. Nothing surprising there.


Tiny, but oh so mean.

And then we have these little guys. This candy is apparently also ramune flavored. When I got my package these were the first thing out of the box. My coworker asked what it was called, and I pointed to the Japanese and said ‘this’. Literally, I knew nothing about this candy except it was probably some kind of gummy. So I popped one in my mouth and OH MY GOSH WAS IT SOUR. Not Sour Patch sour. Not Warheads sour. Make your eyes tear up please give me some water sour.

After watching me wave my arms around and then drink a cup of water, my coworker still took one. His reaction was a more restrained version of mine (in fairness to me, he was warned). So you may be asking yourself, why after being drawn in by a cute starfish package only to have your brain officially cut ties with your mouth, would only six be left? Well, barring the two prank ones I gave out, my coworker and I ate them. After you got past the sour part, they are actually pretty good. To be fair, by that point your tastes buds have passed out from shock so they might just be relieved the sour part is over. Still, good enough to try another one. (Except those two you see stuck together. There must be some sort of prize for eating them.)

Bottom line: yuzu great, others meh, starfish holy cow. And a tiny, tiny dent in Mt. Foodmore.

The internet wouldn’t lie to me… right?

So while contemplating this blog, I spent some time amusing myself with post ideas. As you read below The First Post posed a bit a problem, but other ideas were more forthcoming. (In strange places… I’m sure more than one person gave me a wide berth as I snickered to myself while grocery shopping.)

One of those ideas came from the internet, specifically YouTube. There are several people that showcase Japanese candies and snacks, and one in particular I enjoy watching is EmmyMadeInJapan. She’s expanded beyond her local candy store to include foods from other parts of the world. Her viewers send her packages from their home countries, and she munches through them.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. Between EBay, amazon, and the international aisle of the grocery store, I literally have a dining table full of strange food items that seemed like a good idea at the time. Most of them look pretty normal (except for the fact that I can’t read the labels) but a few look… challenging.


What you can’t see in that picture (very well, anyway) are the words ‘soft & crunchy’. It is a cracker wrapped in seaweed that is both soft… and yet crunchy. Sounds like a commercial for pet treats (come to think of it, they might be pet treats for all I know). Oh, and it expires on May 28th; so you know, no pressure. I’m not sure what possessed me to pick this up, but now that I have it I feel some responsibility to try it. If it ends up tasting as bad as it looks, well… learning experiences, right?