Ways to explain an unplanned, unannounced, way long hiatus

Rediscovery of Cadbury Creme Eggs (the ORIGINALS, not those caramel impostors)

Large Lego Project

Steam Sale (went to website for link = more games added to wishlist)

Quality Checking each holiday’s Sweettart gummies

Small Lego project

Finally learning how to play sudoku

YouTube videos about food, video games, cats riding around on roombas, how to make a tiny hot dog grill out of a Mike’s Hard Lemonade can, knitting, cats being jerks to other cats, top ten lists, lifehacks (make a chip bag into a BOWL, eat Cheetos without getting orange all over yourself, peel a kiwi super fast), Legos, bad lip syching, epic rap battles…

Contemplating next Lego project

The Sims

Lost in Ikea


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